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Still have questions, eh? LOL

When they're working...PTW's are a dream to shoot. But their Achillies' heel is their reliance on 3 electronic boards. If any one of those boards blow (under/over current, moisture, whatever)'re in for some pricey replacements. I've had very good luck with motors...but other haven't...and they're expensive too. But when they'll won't want any other electric airsoft gun. When they want to chuck it against a tree.

By the time you're done (within reason)...a PTW setup (rifle, batteries, cylinders, mags, bits and pieces) will cost you around $2500 +/- $500. Again, there are some great buys on the Classifieds right now.

"Regular" AEGs...are just plain predictable and in a reliability/price/break&fix comfort zone for a lot (I'd say the majority) of airsofters. Stick a battery and a mag of BBs in and it just works. Or if it fails...there's parts available everywhere cheap-ish and there's lots of guys who can fix 'em/help.

For someone just starting out...I'd recommend a solid build "common" platform (i.e. AK or M4) AEG. Hicap mags suck ass...get 10 mid cap mags and you'll be able to play every type of scenario/game/field around.

Pistols are a whole different thing. There's lots of favourites out there. Some manufacturers put out consistently great models (i.e. TM)...and others have some good ones but some lemons. I've found that a lot of guys just don't get how to fix/repair gas blow back pistols...and with good cause, because many of them are overly complicated.

(Personally I think DE pistols are too cumbersome to hold/use...but whatever floats your boat...getting whatever colour/flavour you want is a big part of the fun of airsoft, right?).

203 Launchers are so-so practical. A hell of a lot of fun to shoot though.

Don't forget to check out a shotty...they're fun. SAW's, LMG's and gas blow back rifles too....

There's about a dozen threads written specifically about gear as well...

Have fun! (waiting to for the AV to kick in sucks doesn't it? )

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