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Originally Posted by billli View Post
Sorry, I've taken it off. But I meant the gun looks pretty cool...
It's no problem it's just first I hate that guys face and the bullshit that he spews. Did you know he has a "BFL" and a real gun license and can ship to Canada? Uhhh.... actually no, see the receiving party needs the BFL and having a real steel license means shit all in the world of airsoft.

Also he has successfully melded springs together to achieve higher FPS? And that he competed in a tournament called "Blue Noise" where there are no FPS caps?

Really though whats your budget? The possibilities are limitless with the right amount of green.

If you're like most people, a $350-500 gun is great for starting out.
If you have the green then a $2500 PTW is in your range if you so choose.

Also you should hold your horses. You don't need all those guns. I didn't get a GBB until about 6 months after I started playing.

I run a primary (5 mags), a backup pistol (1 mag), Phantom (Pantac) RAV vest, flecktarn BDU's, a sykes mask, ballistics, and hiking boots. That's really all you need.
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