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I've read through all of the comments posted by everyone here and I agree with both sides- the hating and the supporting. I will list out the facts here based on my interactions with Greg for the order in May 2009. You guys can be the judge.

1. At first, all comms were great, he responded within 24hrs and addressed all my questions/concerns.

2. I was one of the person who was missing the CA M15A4 RIS/CQB from the May order.

3. He said he would be contacting other suppliers to help me and this other buddy on ASC get our guns. I have been sending him many pms for updates (ie. two PM's per week) but sometimes he doesnt respond. He has responded with my other buddy on ASC and we exchanged our replies to fully keep ourselves updated.

4. I helped Greg call suppliers in US and Hong Kong to check what is in stock since I know hes very busy.

5. He honoured my request to order my M15A4 from UNCompany instead of waiting from Spartan Imports, even though it is more expensive for him to pay the shipping cost overseas.

6. After the order has been placed, I had to send multiple PM's to get an update, no update was given to me and my buddy automatically.

7. He told my buddy and I that he missed the postman at his door 3x in 3 simultaneous days around 20-30mins.

8. Before he left for his vacation in Aug, he sent my buddy and I a CONFIRMATION NUMBER (not tracking number). When this # was entered into CanadaPost, it showed up as "An order has been electronically submitted". I called CanadaPost to see if there was an error/mistake, but they say that usually, if a product was received, it should say "Item received Postal Facility". The above msg was seen for 6 days on the canadapost website. On the 7th day, the status has been changed to "Item received at postal facility" ---> this told me that when he sends a confirmation #, it doesnt mean that the package is shipped. Personally, a confirmation # means jack to me.. I would prefer a valid, working tracking number.

That is all....
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