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1) Anything you want really from Springers (some people play with the spring tri shot shotgun in CQB fields), to AEG's, to GBB's (I actually played a night game this way and it was awesome), to GBBR's. I mean in Paintball you're still allowed to go into a speedball tournament if you come with a Stock Class marker (AFAIK)

2) You're AV'ed, AV retailers and Classifieds are where you should be looking. Shao Armoury, Knights Classics, Cool Guy Airsoft, etc.

3) Depends on field rules however what I use is a Sykes face mask with paintball goggles or ballistics. Some fields may require full paintball mask, some paintball goggles at a minimum and some private fields will allow sealed ballistics or ballistic glasses.
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