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Just started getting into airsoft.

Hi everyone, I'm quite new here. I have skimmed through the stickies and stuff too. Now I have three questions:

1. Airsoft games - Do they mainly consist of using AEGs or can you use anything you want to? I personally favour using GBB pistols instead of AEGs.

2. Canadian Airsoft retailers - Any good retailers other than 007airsoft? 007airsoft has stopped selling almost all their listed guns to "Civilians" and their prices are very high. (By the way, I don't like the clear idea, even if its partially clear.)

3. Googles and facemasks - Do most people use full face masks or just googles? Is face shots forbidden?

If everyone could answer the questions separated by 1. 2. 3. that would be great. Any input is also appreciated, thanks in advance!
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