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Originally Posted by IceTray View Post
Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but has he not been paying people back, refunding them, or doing whatever?

I mean this is nothing more than a big mob hating on someone, even people who weren't even involved or generally knew about him, they're just hopping on the bandwagon.
Yea what he did was a dick move, and cowardly, but he did come back, and has been assisting the community since then, and no one has been having problems with him, other than impatient kids not wanting to wait.

Why this was posted in three different sections of this forum, just seems like an attempt to rally a hate machine.

I won't say give the guy a break and let him go scott-free, but even so. Getting rid of someone whos been helping people get products they want, isn't exactly benefiting the sport and its players. And before someone gets anal about it, no, he shouldn't be exempt from punishment just because hes a retailer.
He came back without saying who he was.
If he did, then people would have done the same thing and made sure he refunded every single person he screwed with PropsCan.
Regardless of what he does now, he should settle PropsCan first, and then MAYBE we'll (I'll) give him another chance (but probably not).
Oh, and I have a say cuz I was involved back then.
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