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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Why not? Does the hammer strikme in the same area? Is the disconnector the same? Could I install the $70 DPMS lower kit into a WA-based gun, and now have the correct alignment of parts to make a full-auto or even semi-auto AR lower? Materials quality and durability are absolutely irrelevant. The replica law we have now was to stop cheap .22 starter pistols from being drilled out to fire live rounds. It used to be a problem enough that legislation was made for it.
Umm mac, if you don't know a WA, G&P, KA, AGM, CA, JG receiver is off dimension than the firearms one, if I recall correct it is shorter in lengh, thats why there's a misalingment of the grooves on external looks. Second, if you want to convert Magna into firing bullets it would've been banned by Japanese government since Tanaka's new gas in shell design was similiar to a revolver and it was banned simply because the hammer strikes the shell, not the primer of a bullet area.
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