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Originally Posted by hattrick View Post
If i recall correctly a company called "ashanti" or somthing along those lines made a bolt action shell ejecting 6mm sniper rifle.
Much like the recent tanaka revolver issue these guns ACTUALLY COULD fire a .22 caliber bullet. (if the gun would break upon action and potentially hurt the user I do not know)

That much I am sure of.

What I only vaguly remember is somthing about chinese gangs getting their hands on these & in turn having them being taken away by authorities.

Thats my input - alex
thats Asahi, its a long ago stuff before I was even born.
Also I find this questionable. like honestly how hard is it to use steel balls put a paintball gun's PSI to max? I know 280 fps for a paintball is around 8J of energy.

Next thing, in both China, there's two people that have guns, the facist government, and the freedom fighter criminals. They don't just have single fire, they got stuff you wouldn't even dream of.
**Javelin (not the spear but the shoulder fired missile
**Full automatic Type 56 (not our media confused em self about auto, but the auto that if you hold the trigger it will keep firing0
Im not joking, in Taiwan we heard of this news before, so airsoft gun convert into firearms seems like nothing when firearms are easier to obtain
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