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Originally Posted by thePiRaTE!! View Post
Although this all seems more of the same, it is interesting to note the Real Sword AKs are made of forged, milled, real steel and blued, just like real AKs. I'm no gunsmith, but I would assume this is a lot closer to being an acceptable base for conversion than anything we've previously seen. Its really only a matter of time before airsofters press the limits of realism to the point of total replica. I have to wonder then if that sort of realism will eventually add legitmacy to the fear mongering noted in this news story.

We'll get the governments attention eventually if we keep enjoying ourselves and then they'll have to give us some specific rules we can (hopefully) work with.

I would think it would be easier to make a GBB M4 into a functional gun by replacing the stock bolt carrier with a real one, the stock barrel with a real one and install a lower parts kit, if that's even necessary. Especially if the carriers are 1:1 size, it would be real easy. It only has to fire 1 round to put the user in a world of trouble.

In Canada, none of those parts is controlled at all, you only need money to buy them.

And if that's possible to do, that would render that GBB prohibited instantly, despitre the facts of it's performance or that it's an airsoft gun. It has happened already south of the border.
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