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billi, to your question about snipers:
Ah, a question the guys on here get a lot. If you're looking for precision shooting, airsoft really isn't the place for that. Simply because airsoft rifles are not accurate. Coupled with the fact that there aren't any good OOB/stock sniper rifles to begin with, you would basically be investing loads and loads of money to upgrade the gun to fieldable standards. And then the experience isn't the same as actual target shooting-its way different.
So most of us here would advise you to stay away from snipers until you've had some experience with good AEG's and upgrading before dipping your feet into the snipers area. That being said, if you must snipe, get something that combines the attributes of long range shooting with automatic fire. Something like an SR-25 (which isn't cheap), or better, and M16 with a long barrel, full stock and a decent medium magnification scope.
I think the best feeling for a sniper would be a quote from someone I read off here (sorry I don't remember your name, so credits go to him), "Sniping requires lots of patience, sometimes you sit or lay down the whole game without shooting a shot-I remember one game where I pinned down 3-4 guys just because they thought I was shooting a high powered spring whereas in actuality I was running stock. I didn't shoot a single shot."
So the point is a sniper is good for spotting, but whether or not shots are taken really depends on the situation. You can't try to go crazy and shoot at every opportunity. And that's really what takes the fun of airsoft (and sniping) away from first-timers. So save yourself from disappointment and go mainstream-its well worth it!
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