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This account is used by two people. Interesting item: one of us bought something (MP5K) from Serpentor as part of the Props Canada order years ago. It arrived VERY late, but it did eventually get there. Now, I JUST received a RS Type 56 that I ordered from him years later. Of course, had I known who he was (since my brother was nearly burned by him the first time) I would absolutely not have ordered it. To be truthful, though, after the sale, I thought that JoeFriday was a serious, on-the-ball seller with excellent communications. As others have pointed out, maybe he has turned over a new leaf.

Still, that cannot excuse PropScam. If he had repaid all of those other people and come back under his OLD alias and actually CHANGED his old reputation, that would be one thing. But it isn't what happened, and I'm extremely disappointed to learn that I was basically tricked into the purchase that I made from someone I would never have dealt with otherwise, regardless of how it panned out.
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