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Don't ask, don't tell.

In other words don't worry about it, the less you know the better you're off in case the SHTF.

For all you know these guns came in country before 1998 (as to the 2008 PTW's and Real Sword guns.... they're "pre-release prototypes" that were also imported before 1998).

Also TM internals aren't better than aftermarket parts (they're good don't get me wrong but it's like having a stock car vs having the same stock car but with aftermarket parts stock parts were made for the masses aftermarket parts like aftermarket CAI's, Headers, and catbacks were made for performance) but the fitment is whats key. Tight tolerances, and precise fitment.

You can race a Civic any day but you're not going to win any races any time soon. It's great for a daily driver/weekend warrior thing but if you want to win races you'll have to invest in aftermarket parts.

Also with the barrel wobble issue you can easily fix that (locktite, or replacing with a one piece barrel or even a floating barrel). Just check out the barrel wobble FAQ in the aptly named FAQ section.
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