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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
I'm mad. I want my gun.

Can we actually sue him or something if he dosen't send them or refund us? Since we are making him import prohibited goods, isn't that... idk... not exactly legal? I don't know, I'm not good with law.
You are pretty much fucked. Buying a prohibited item from someone can put you in trouble if you tell them your situation.

Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
"hello, police I have information on somebody importing large quantities of a restricted item for resale amongst the populace, whats that, you'll have an officer at my door in 5 minutes to take down my statement, ok."

Yeah... individual deals ain't important but they do care about big things like this.
Pretty much the only thing they will be interested in. They might investigate on the prohibited item import only. If you say you bought something you might be a part of the investigation yourself...
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