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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
Got a tracking number... Says that it's ''electronically ordered'' or something since the 15th... Really hope that this status will change soon and have my stuff. I've seen the last update today and seems to be ok for now.

I would like to have Joe speaking publicly his side of the medal on this thread and what are it's intentions and wills to clear his name once and for all. He must have records and proofs of what he already paid back (I hope)and the one that was waiting for money/guns from props canada saga must have proofs of what they've paid to him. Let's balance it together to see if he can work it out for any outstading balance. Both parties send their proofs to a kind of commissioner (Impartial ASC member or staff) and charged to make things even and fair by clarifying the situation.

I'm not saying that what he have done in past is ok and forgive it but i can imagine that when a large order fuck up, it's normal that the guy have some trouble to pay back and maybe take a few years to clear things up. We're talking about many thousand of $$$. The guy still have to live, lodge, eat and caring for any family he have by the meantime. It's just my opinon... I think he came back on ASC only when he was sure in his mind that this case was closed. Anyway...
I agree. My tracking said "Electronically submitted" as well for around 2-3 days but i got it. I hope everyone on this order gets either their product or refund.
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