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1) Thats great.

2) No that's actually a myth that for some reason is perpetrated. It's not illegal to own "full metal" guns just illegal to import them (that includes plastic bodied guns such as TM). The clear plastic guns is just a way to get it across the border as the CBSA stipulates clear guns as being OK (for now).

3) That just comes with experience. If you come from scenario/milsim paintball then probably not much, just need to understand the rules and how things work. If you're coming from no experience/recball/ or speedball then you have a lot to learn.

Guns aren't really an indication of how good you are. You could run with one gun and be better than any chairsofter/collector with a million guns any day. That being said it's probably good to go moderate on things, you don't need the lightest loadout possible but you don't need to have 2 primary's and 6 pistols (like el Duce in Boondock Saints) with all the related accessories and mags.

My loadout is a primary (5 mags) and a backup pistol (1 mag).

Keep in mind that you'll want to decide on a model of a gun that you like first then worry about brand name. An M16 loadout is very different than an AK, SIG, Aug, P90, or G36 loadout (and might require different kinds of pouches and carriers). Once you have a model then search up reviews of that specific model between different companies and pick whichever one you like and fits into your budget.

There's tonnes of stuff in the classifieds. If you have the green the possibilities are limitless. Keep in mind though that if you're a current student not to spend all your money on airsoft cause you still need to pay for tuition and food and you don't want to be selling your gun to buy textbooks. Also keep in mind that if you have student loans having some money in your account for when you graduate helps to reduce the interest incurred on those loans.
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