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There are lots of new full metal guns for sale in the AV buy and sell

get AV and whatever you may like or want is available.. particularly seeing that $ is no issue

Originally Posted by billli View Post
I presume: (Sorry)
TM = Tokyo Marui
CA = Classic army

Are these better than ICS or G&G?

I want "a rock solid rifle" with the best of the best components. (I forgot to mention, that money is not an issue)

So there are no new guns with full metal body in the classified? If so, Should I just get a M4 from the brands that you mentioned, and then get new parts from the classified section and perform the upgrades my self?

Speaking of which, Where can I get a Tokyo Marui / Classic army Airsoft? Airsoft007 seems to only sell them to non Civilians. :/

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