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Originally Posted by DonP View Post
I'm staggered by you apologists. He took many $1000's for products he did not have and in many cases never even delivered (and even then only under direct threats and pressure), and to many giving nothing but runaround after runaround before dropping off the face of the earth to let it all blow over.

Then he comes back with a new name and a new "face", figuring that all the old people he fucked would be long gone and the debts forgotten, and enough new people would be around that he could just start over again because they wouldn't know anything about it and wouldn't care if they did!

It seems he was mostly right. I never thought I'd see the day.
Yeah they won't be so forgiving once he runs off with their money.

I hate the new ASC crowd, they don't care about anybody elses problems until it directly affects themselves, than they bitch and whine and cry wolf.

Do you guys honestly think sucking up to Greg will gaurantee that you get your goods?

Well now you probably will get it, because the staff here have him by his balls.

Last thing he needs is RCMP Criminal Investigations on his ass let alone the CFO.
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