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A Few Noobie Questions

Hi all!
Sorry about my noobieness. But we all gotta start from somewhere eh?

So my background, I first picked up airsoft when I was 17, and loved it. My first airsoft was just a DPMS Panther 295fps M16 replica, really simple, out of box playable and everything.

Now, After two years, and taking a break from university, I really want to get into the games.

So I have a few noobie questions:
1. I'm waiting to get verified by someone in my area, hopefully he responds with in the next week or two. If I have to, I'm willing to travel to Toronto to get verified. (Yes, I'm over 18... But I guess I need to be verified first. Rules are the rules.)

2. I want something sturdy and "the best that money can get me that is legal in Canada." With that in mind, I want something that's fully metal, (with metal receivers as well.) I know it is illegal in Canada. But from browsing around the forum, I've found out that after getting verified, then I can browse the classified section and get a AEG with a full metal body, or get the parts.
So, I was wondering:
Should I get a generic weapon from Mech1Airsoft and then upgrade to my heart's desires, or buy one from classified? (In the end I want a really really close 1-1 replica of a real weapon). How much would this cost me approx?

3. How many years/games/weapons/etc would I need to become a 'pro'?

So any advices/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If there are things that you can't tell me until i'm verified then that's fine


PS: I'm currently @ The University of Waterloo, if there any clubs/teams/games around here, please tell me? kinda small city :/ oh well, worst comes to the worst i will just travel to Toronto.
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