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Originally Posted by Ayashifx55 View Post
Hi, thanks for the reply guys. I searched on the newbie forum about "How to use Lipo charger" first but nothing came so i'm asking this....
The B6 has also 2 cables hanging (red and black) which are not remove-able , they are beside the temperature sensor, what are they used for?

So basically ,a lipo requires two connections to be charged in balance mode - The balance socket (depending on the # of Cell) and the Output with the right type of connector (which you can remove or exchange cables, i did my own male to male so i could charge a large battery)

After the connections are made , select appropriate settings and program for the balance LiPo.
My lipo is an 7.4V 5000mAh 15C 2Cell , so i would have to select - 5AMPS , Cell = 2 , 7.4V(?)
Don't know about what specific charger you're refering to...for my B6 Xcharger (and all the google pictures I can find) all the plugs come out. The power plug goes in one side (and it's close to the USB temp sensor socket)...on the other side it has the plugs for the red/black charging wires and LiPo balancing plugs.'ve got the settings right. the mAh cutoff setting under user input (I think). That setting determines the max amount of energy it'll put into a pack...and I think that it applies to all packs/types. So if for example you set it to 1400mAh for a little pack and then tried to charge up your 5000mAh might max out at 1400mAh and stop charging. I'm kind of guessing at that, I just change the setting before I charge batteries.

You're batt is going to be able to put out A LOT of Amps...good luck!

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