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Hi, thanks for the reply guys. I searched on the newbie forum about "How to use Lipo charger" first but nothing came so i'm asking this....

The B6 has also 2 cables hanging (red and black) which are not remove-able , they are beside the temperature sensor, what are they used for?

So basically ,a lipo requires two connections to be charged in balance mode - The balance socket (depending on the # of Cell) and the Output with the right type of connector (which you can remove or exchange cables, i did my own male to male so i could charge a large battery)

After the connections are made , select appropriate settings and program for the balance LiPo.
My lipo is an 7.4V 5000mAh 15C 2Cell , so i would have to select - 5AMPS , Cell = 2 , 7.4V(?)

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