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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
wait. you knew about this for a fact before this thread was posted? and decided it better left hidden?

If I was involved in the rip off of several ASC members, and had to disappear, SURE AS SHIT I would be on my best behavior if I ever managed to get back into the retailing biz under a new persona.

Like I said, I didn't know where all that business was at, I only knew that Greg Tully and Greg Auch were the same person, and my orders where already made when I found out... what would you have done ? + the info is pretty reliable but you can never know for sure. Anyway I'm only mentioning this because whenever this sorta thing happens on ASC, people pounce like crazy on the people at fault and it ends up with nobody getting anything with a bit of revenge with the person having trouble with the law. That's all good but if your priority is to finally get the gun or money, maybe dealing with him might be the better idea. But like I said earlier, I don't know anything about the PropsCanada business other than it was a big fuck up and some guy named Greg Auch was involved.

You're right tho about being on his best behaviour... altho if it's really him, what a very dumb thing to do ! Especially if you found out the same way I did ! But just maybe, like I said earlier, the man had a plan for paying his debt... people generally aren't that stupid...

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