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I've had nothing but oustanding service from JoeFriday, bought 2 brand new guns one of wich was really hard to find, and they both were received very fast and with the most up to date communication I've ever had from an ASC seller.

When I do business with a new ASC seller, I always check up on him and I had seen that he was the person mentioned in the infamous PropsCanada scandal tho I was never involved in that. I thought I would keep the info to myself unless there's was a problem with my orders. After all, maybe the guy had turned a new leaf and I didn't know if there was still some unfinished business with the PropsCanada thing...

One thing is for sure, his business seems to be working fine now and maybe those involved should just put up a list of what Greg still owes you and maybe nowadays he won't have any trouble bringing in your guns. For all we know maybe he started his business again to get the money to setlle his debt. Pouncing on him might not be the best way to finally get your stuff... that's just my opinion.

Of course I'm relitavely new here even tho all my airsoft friends are well known veterans and I've been lurking the ASC site a couple of years... I have no idea how nasty it might have gotten between Greg and all those involved in the PropsCanada order...

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