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i have a few questions that i forgot to post before. i did end up reading all of the posts regarding the issue. i may have skimmed some obviously, but i understand (or at least i think i do) the extent of this scam.

1) As per my understanding, there are a number of people who STILL have not received their money or item from him. Correct?

2) He used to post here with "updates" and it seemed (from my reading) that along with DEA's help, things were moving, albeit slowly. What happened? Did he just drop off the face of the earth along with DEA? What about all the apparent SR-16s that were en route via tracking numbers?

3) A lot of the controversy that i seemed to read stemmed around the fact that Tokyo Hobby was to blame for the botched orders. Whatever happened to the legal action (ref. to Canadian/Japanese Consulate) taken against the TH owner Miki?

4) How many of Joe Friday's orders (aka: Greg/Serpentors) have gone through and how many have been fucked to date?

Again, if he is back, is he operating with anonymity and just chooses to pretend like the other shit didn't happen knowing full well that he owes X many people either money or guns!?!?! If so, why hasn't he died yet?
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