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I'm old enough to play, have the money to spend, and I'm still waiting for airsoft just because it's so much effort to get into the sport in Canada. I play paintball even though it's way more expensive than airsoft just cause it's so much easier than airsoft and I can go to the local paintball field and play any week-end I want.

In reality airsoft is MUCH cheaper than paintball, especially in the long run. You can get a bad-ass airsoft gun for $500 with battery/ magazine.

A paintball gun will cost you at least $200 for an entry level marker (but more like $400 - $800 for a good one), $50 - $150 for a hopper, $50 - $300 for CO2 / or Air tank. After than Paint is $60 for a case of (2000), Airsoft bbs are like $40 for 10k.

If you have the luxury of a good airsoft group around you, save up for it and play it, if you don't you're kinda SOL, and if you can't afford $3-400 for a gun, how are you expecting to make it to bigger scenario games?
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