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It's generally why clear guns are "okay" -- they don't look a real firearm.

The Thundermaul was okay at one point, but there's actually a an M4 receiver under the sci-fi body and I think that fact eventually got caught by CBSA.

Sci-fi guns would technically be okay, except you're then playing with NERF.

I own a paint ball gun that looks exactly like an AR-15/C7
"Exactly" like? Proportions and all? Or rather it's a paintball gun that kinda looks like an AR-15 (if nothing else most real AR15s don't have a huge hopper sticking out the top).

where does customs draw the line? The RCMP website says that these guns are dealt with on a case by case basis
You answered your own question.

antic firearm replicas are excluded from the Replica ban, so if you had an airsoft musket it would be fine aswell I guess.
It would as long as the gun in question satisfies the requirements to be an antique in the eyes of the law. (even a real black powder muzzleloaded flintlock, for example, doesn't require a license)

Someone (in Europe, IIRC) actually built an airsoft musket. It was quite nice.
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