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Loop hole kinda...?

I've been thinking about starting to play airsoft for a while, but I've always been daunted by both the prices, and the Legal gray zone associated with the sport.

I was recently reviewing the Canadian fire-arms act, and noticed that a gun is only considered a replica if it is made to look like an actual firearm. Then I remembered this gun.
Before flaming me on JG building garbage, hear me out. It's not modeled off a real firearm, just off one from an Anime series. So technically, it's not a replica, because it's not replicating anything. Wouldn't that technically make it %100 legal to import into Canada without any special licenses? Or does the fact that it looks like it could be an assault rifle make it considered a replica. Cause from what I've seen, paint ball guns are not subjected to this "kinda looks like a rifle" rule. I own a paint ball gun that looks exactly like an AR-15/C7 and I didn't have any problems getting it. So what's up? where does customs draw the line? The RCMP website says that these guns are dealt with on a case by case basis. Also, antic firearm replicas are excluded from the Replica ban, so if you had an airsoft musket it would be fine aswell I guess. Too bad Tommy guns aren't considered antique firearms.
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