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I got the b6 xcharger from from the perspective of a "battery-noob", it was less than precise (i.e. you need to know a bit about batteries first). Some plain examples would have gone a long, long way in explaining it.

For the B6 charger (mine is black...don't know if that makes a difference), to charge a LiPo:
- set charger to LiPo mode
- ensure setting is correct for the number of cells (i.e. a 7.4v LiPo has 2 cells, 2S,...and a 11.1v LiPo has 3 cells, 3S)
- ensure your charging amperage is should never charge at more than the 1C rating of the pack.
** take the pack mAh rating and divide by 1000. This is the 1C rating. So a 11.1v 1200mAh LiPo has a 1C rating of (1200/1000)=1.2A
** you can charge at a Amp rating lower than the packs 1C rating...but it'll take longer. In the example above...if that pack took 1 hour to charge at would have taken 2 hours to charge at 0.6A.
- INSPECT your pack...make sure it's not torn, bloated, damaged, etc...
- plug in the balancing tap of the battery to the side of the'll only fit one of them one way
- plug the battery connection to the charger plugs (if yours didn't come with the adapter that you need, you'll need to find/make one).
- confirm your cell (2s/3s) and charging Amp (A) settings...then press and hold the far right button to start the cycle.
- the charger will check that it detects the right number of cells (i.e. one isn't dead) and you need to push the button again to confirm that it's correct.

The charger will then start to charge. You should be charging it on something non-flammable in a non-enclosed space (i.e. the floor of the garage is good)...just in case. Check in on it every 5 min.

I forget what button to press (it's one of the +/- ones I think) while it's charging to see what the individual cell charge is. They should be close to each other and they shouldn't exceed 4.2v per cell (although it'll read 4.2v for a while before the charging is finish).

Sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is...but read over that carefully and you should be ok.

Best of luck,

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