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Originally Posted by Panzerfaust View Post
Not too sure any of you would want the authorities involved in a case where individual was supplying you with not a 100% legal merchandise.
Is it not a bit like going after a guy selling contraband smokes that doesn't deliver on his prepaid shipment?

History has so far shown us with previous cases that the authorities are more concerned with people who violate the terms of their FBL than going after individual hobbyists who may have purchased one or two guns. To date, AFAIK, no individual buyer has been targeted for buying a black gun. Additionally, ownership of black guns isn't illegal and a number of them do not even qualify are replicas.

It should also be noted that this course of action is the result of several days of discussions in how to best handle this situation so that the community can get what they are owed or a refund, not just something that was thrown out from the top of someone's head.

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