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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
Yeah I am a tad curious as to how this was found out? How were the 2 matched.
This information will be forthcoming. Let's just say that I have provided enough information for you guys to begin tying clues together.

I can't give out names at this time, but for now, it basically goes like this:

Start combining addresses and phone numbers as provided through public web sites for the given business names (one of them is linked directly) and tie them to phone numbers provided in the Props Canada threads (check the entire forum dedicated to this fiasco.)

Secondly, some guys who purchased through JoeFriday had contacted him through the same number as provided in the PropsCanada thread as Greg's own number.

Finally, some guys who purchased through JoeFriday picked up their goods from the address listed for Movie Props Services.

Originally Posted by spartan117 View Post
What?! No way........i can't believe it..... Then are those tracking numbers real?? Is my package really at my local post office???
If the tracking info says that the package is at the post office, then it is there.

Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
so can someone clue in long story short what happend here

all i know is a guy ripped most of you off but how?

i would realy like to know the history thanks
We have a full forum dedicated to it. Sit down in a comfy chair and pull up some popcorn and start reading...

Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
So, got a quick question for everyone.

I got an order coming from JF. I recently got the tracking number on the 15th.
Says "Electronically submitted" Now I've seen this before so not worried about that.

I got randomly bored and checked a few of the older ones, I noticed one that one submitted "2009/09/03" and still says "Electronically submitted"

So, my question is.. Is it in the hands of Canada Post or?
"Electronically submitted" means squat. I use the same system.

"Electronically submitted" only means that the seller has paid for and generated an address slip to be attached to the package. Until the tracking information changes to "Package accepted at so-and-so postal outlet", then CanadaPost does NOT have it in their hands.

I'm not sure what the time length is on how long these can be held for, but I once double-paid for an invoice and had the tracking number reserved for it for over a month before I realized and had to cancel it. Canada Post never gave me any notice, nor did they cancel the tracking number.

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Aren't mulitple accounts a ban-worthy offence?

Serpentor's account is still active, so is Joe Friday's?

This should end right here, right now. Swift and harsh justice.
The only reason why we've kept his accounts open for so long (and many other scammers, for that matter), is because once the account is closed, it leaves a lot of buyers with no contact information or recourse to reclaim their products or goods.

They have no opportunity to work things out with the buyer.

In any case, Greg has 30 days to issue all products and refunds, after which he will receive a ban and he will be reported to federal authorities. All buyers who have not received anything from him are welcome to use his information that will be provided to file any lawsuits against him or file cases using RECOL.

At this time, it's easier , less expensive and less restrictive for Greg to get his ass on things and pay up, than a couple of years with a jail sentence plus fines.

30 days... and as many of you around here know, I make good on my promises...

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