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L473ncy is totally right, your probably what 15 maybe 16 and that gives you plenty of time to research and stock up gear. I got a guitar at 14 and cheaped out ($500) that was something I regretted and saved more and more. I'm not age verified and got my gun at a store, overpriced and over the counter. Now like $300 later it shoots like I want it cuz these guys here pointed me in a direction.

Thats all they are doing here, a bit blunt but still just pointing you in a direction. Its sad that its 18+ but then again if it weren't it would have been banned by now (just think of your friends at school with them) so its keeping airsoft safe until you get here and join the crew. Take time and enjoy your youth cuz as much fun as airsoft sounds, its much better when you have to work long hours all week and just get a few hours of shooting in.
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