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At least you're honest about it (well it came out eventually) and didn't lie at all. I mean some kids totally lie and try to circumvent the systems that have been set in place, some just don't leave specific details and eventually say they're underage, and some are totally honest and straight up say they're underage and are willing to wait.

Best advice I can give you is to save, save, save. Do you *really* need that new ipod/new cellphone/new sneakers/etc.? Instead of spending money when you get it in your hands put some into a savings account, put some into a college fund, and spend some on fun things. That's a great system. 10-15% into a savings account right off the bat, rest split it up between college fund and entertainment and you're golden and will have learnt a valuable life lesson and won't be in debt forever. Trust me on this one especially the 10% "rainy day savings account". It's saved me more than once and one of the reasons why I haven't had to take out student loans.
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