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Whos "CanadianMFouuuuuuOW wait...I saw one of his posts...That was just a big troll fest now wasn't he? Anyway.

Wow...You have a SWEET line-up of guns you could buy...To be honest, I would pick ALL of them...But, is the JG M4 plastic w/ plastic gearbox or metal? Because if plastic, just keep it out of your options in compare with the G&G and the TM. I am not a big fan of AK's... depends on what they are though, (make/look feel, and appearence...Overall not my favorite gun)...But I like TM's and I have tryed the Bull-Up...Well, I used to own it. All in all, they all give pretty god quality (if the JG is metal), good durability, good fps and rpm. I would go with the...Well wait...Damn...I am leaning towards the Bullup...In my opinion, better accuracy? But I think the AK has a higher rate of fire...Meh, I used both, I like both, you choose.
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