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"KWA KP45 Gas Blow-Back Tactial Pistol"

So, this is going to be a VERY simple review as it is my first text review pretty much...

So, I am a big fan of GOOD pistols. The "KWA KP45" is a gun that I REALLY like! Its similar to the old version, but has a lot of new features. The first thing I noticed is the design seems more "sharp edged" The only thing that I didn't TOTALLY like was the red/orange tip stood out to me a lot....If that makes any sense? And the markings on it. As always, KWA makes high-quality airsoft arms to the best.

This, in my opinion, is not your kids "TSD M9 CO2 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Gun". This is a HIGH QUALITY VERY ACCURATE GAS-BLOWBACK, DURABLE PISTOL!!!

It comes a a cardboard and foam box...As usual, and ran me around $200. So, "a wee bit" pricey...For me anyway.

It takes green gas, and/or CO2 cartidges. This features an "NS2 gas-dilivery system". The box comes with some "lube" and a hop-up tool adjustment. Made in Taiwan, if I didn't already mention that before.

It is 1.75 pounds. It feels comfortable, a pretty good weight too. Metal Slide and Metal Barrel. It goes about 300fps with 0.2g bbs. It holds 26 rounds in the magazine.

Oh! Also! The gun is indeed black! With White "etched" writing. It kind of annoys me when people...Well, more like little kids on "YouTube" say "The sights are very accurate, so the gun is very accurate"...Well, in better wording, I think, the sights are placed well. But, usually with any gun, they are. But, the cool thing is, they are adjustable! Move them up, down, right left, all around! The sights are gun to play with...:smile: . So, the gun sights are accurate...If you placed them right...So, maybe the kids were right...NOT!!!(Sorry, I am just typing what I would say in person).

So, back to the gun, when you pull the slide back, with no ammo in the champer/barrel/magazine, it will lock! I love guns like these. Adds to the "realism"! Its has got a 16mm clock-wise threaded barrel for silencers and suck.

The green gas goes in the bottom (there is a whole in the bottom their...wait...That what she said...Yeah, sorry, I just needed to add an imature joke to "funny things up" in this review, but anyway), so green gas under the magazine/in the bottom of it.

The frame is a "high impact polymer" as the old one, and numerous sets of their (KWA's) guns. Also...It does have a flashlight...

So, for a gas-blowback pistol, I would give it a 9.5/10? Also, because I LOVE KWA.
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