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Uhm, personally, (if you have not gotten any good answers that these fine people have given, and I don't see why not), then I would say: AEP's are probably not the best way to go. Like "Kuro_Neko" said, they use small batteries, so they do not last long, and VERY low fps.

I would go with a Gas Pistol. They are semi-automatic. Maybe the "TSD M9 CO2 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol"? Around only $40? And personally, I like it.

But, when you get into the "blow-backs", (the realistic ones, where the slide cocks back on its own), they suddenly become like, more than $100 more...ATLEAST! But, they are "semi-automatic", and almost, no wait, ALL THE TIME, WAY more powerfull, and VERY accurate. (For both, the blowback, and non-blowback airsoft guns).

I think that the "KWA KP45 Tactical Gas Blow-Back Pistol", is very good...Either the old, or the new one. Uses green gas also...It is what I have, (both the old and the new...well, actually, correction, I had the old one, and sold it for money for the new one).

So, all in all, if you want a VERY low quality, un-accurate, and low fps, Wal-Mart-Like- pistol, get the AEP, but if you want to invest, KWA!

Oh yeah, P.S....SOME people might think that the blow-back takes away from accuracy from the "jerking" of the "automatic-cocking slide"...(wow, that whole sentenced just sounded weird from me, just because/from the works, "jerking" and "cock/cocking"), But it depends who you ask. Everyone here I think would agree that more expensive guns, for one, and gas-blow backs are the way to go!

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