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Thanks for the quick reply guys. So the VK416 is Cansoft? I remember that Ken at 007airsoft sells the G&G M4 Commando which was a Top Line G&G with a clear lower.

A metal body isn't too much of concern at the moment, I can just get some Krylon. But concerning internals (which is my concern), the VK/JG internals are better than G&G internals?

Oh yes, another question: if I were to put a Crane or Mod stock with a battery, would I have to rewire anything? I see that the 416 uses a PEQ-2 battery box. I'd like to try and use two battery holders (the stock and the PEQ) if they're available.

Otherwise, all things considered, the 416 would be better than the M4 Commando?

Thanks again guys
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