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bolt action spring = standard barrel 6mm and more

Gas bolt action = forced bb .227-.236

If you forced bb in spring bolt action you have chance for jam. the co2 replace spring for give more strong whit minus reloding strong........

If you see co2 rifle whit standart barrel 6mm or more you better whit spring rifle because the law is 500 fps and spring work whit never prob .....

Maybe is wrong but the co2,pcp option is only better when you need forced bb. If not why use co2 or pcp ???

Maybe the avantage of co2 is no need upgrade for power.... The plastic replicas need lot s modification for shoot fine because is cheaps body and part if you put better spring you need change trigger and........

if the game not bolt action only use your aeg because for now nothing product in market make the trully simulation sniper work vs automatic aeg

Standard max range for m-16 = 700 m

standard max range for 300 wm = 1500m

standard max range for aeg= 70m

standard max range for airsoft upgrade rifle=80 90 m(lucky shot) can fight vs auto?

Airsoft rifle is for sport ))))))))))
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