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Quality of Velocity Arms' HK416

Hi guys, I used the search but I believe that I didn't get what I was looking for. Anyway, I was browsing on sites to buy my first gun, and I stumbled upon Velocity Arms' custom HK416, or the VK416

My question is does anyone have an idea if this is a good gun to start out? I'm appealed by the price and the stuff in it. I'm not looking for a super blazing, high ROF/velocity gun, just something I can use to start plinking in the garage and to bring out to a game once in a while. And is this a better starter than the G&G M4 Commando? (I'd like to get an HK416, but from what I researched, the SRC HK416 is non-existant and the JG HK416 is available but rare-coincidentally, where would I get one-do I have to ask a retailer to import?)

Oh and as per the AV thing, I've PM'ed Optix already. I will be taking a look in the classifieds once I get AV'ed, but I'd like to research my options. I know that this is probably not great compared to one from the classifieds, but I'd like to try to get my feet wet before diving in headfirst.

If flaming is a must, please go lightly! I have read all the threads on buying a new gun.

Thanks a lot guys!
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