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MED, based on the data of the AT project, are set to have 1 joule at impact. So, a BA rifle chronied at 450fps, should have a MED of about 40fts if using .30g BBs. That should give about 1 joule at impact, wich is equivalent of a 15fts shot with 0.25g in CQB using a 350fps gun, chronied with .20g.

That make sence. We tend to over estimate the amount of force our rifles output in relation to distance.

Don't get me wrong, 1 joule hurt, but it should not break the skin.

Scarcrow, goot thing you added the little calculator based on the AT Porject. I'm using the charts for the sniper clinics and for all around reference. Whenever I thread like this pop up, I fetch it.

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