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Supposedly the CAS versions of the G&G guns are hybrids between the G&G line and the cheaper "Combat Machine" line. Whereas the G&G's that Ken used to sell were actual G&G's except with a clear plastic lower.

Now that CAS has a sole distributor agreement with G&G for "Cansoft" the old system of naming has been totally scrapped and now it's the Advanced and Recreational line. I'm speculating here but it seems like the Advanced line is the regular G&G stuff whereas the Rec line is either Combat Machine or still the same old hybrid line.

Note: G&G will never turn their "Top Tech" line into "Cansoft" since they don't want to "dilute" the brand name. I guess it's kind of like Lexus will never come out with a "Corolla" since they want to keep the brand name luxury association (however Toyota their "cheaper" marquee actually does have a Corolla).
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