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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Lobbing is such a paintball term, and it's annoying to see it being viewed as "taboo" in airsoft. I use heavy BBs, and I do elevate as anyone should, it's all part of the package of marksmanship. If you view "lobbing", or as normal shooters (real steel, etc.) call it, adjusting for elevation, as bad form, then maybe your sport is best left for laser tag.
When I hunt and shoot my .308, when its over 75 yards, typically I am adjusting for elevation as well (depending on bullet weight) so the concept is familiar to those who sporting/hunting shooting. As such I think it has a legitimate place in airsoft. Shooting around corners using your hopup, while hysterically funny when hitting Claymore in the ass, is probably bad form.

Fox, you might find this useful, we just put it on our site (MSED - minimum safe engagement distance calculator). Its based on the AT Project that tends to get referenced every now and again, and from my research on the 'net, is probably the most useful, non partisan analysis of airsoft ballistics to date.

Put in your BB weight and then put in your chronied FPS, and press the calculate button - all other information is calculated for you. Refer to this article, for the scientific assumptions behind the calculator. Note that "MED" in the article as an acronym refers to "Maximum Engagement Distance" (effective range). Don't confuse that with MSED as used above.
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