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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
Entrance level brand is a good name for it, though the title probably belongs to JG. Anything including and above JG is a decent brand, the only thing that differs is the lifespan of the internals and the sturdiness of the externals. It's always good advice to get the best gun you can afford. But if G&G is that best then it'll serve you well enough. 007's prices are alittle steep though. You'd be better off getting age verified and buying one from one of the retailers here or in the classifieds. You'd be able to get a full black G&G for at least the same price and a good chance of $40 or $50 cheaper then alot of his prices.
Thanks for the advice! I was thinking of price matching him with this
Edited: Is there a AEG maintenance thread around here somewhere?

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