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Originally Posted by Mitchell12 View Post
Yea lazer tag, no thanks. I simply meant that there is a balance before a bb is too heavy to compensate for realistically. I didn't say at WHAT weight as it's just a theoretical number that was because I didn't know but I do know that a balance does need to be achieved. Unless you've got some magical antigravity bb's not yet available to the public, I mean seeing who you are and all.
Lol, I guess I should keep out the fact I've gotten a few kills past 120ft using 0.43g Bbs in my G19? Is true, and yes, I aimed above their heads a foot or so in order to do it. Is all about technique, observation and adjustment.

Like I said, 0.36g is the heaviest anyone should go for using in a field legal gun. At Rawdon a couple years back, I was cleared to shoot my rifle set at 587fps, and used 0.36g BBs all day, I hit the square root of fuck all that day with my rifle, even shooting at guys 200ft away. The higher the velocity, the more unpredictable the BBs will fly. Last year I was testing and was able to get 0.30g BBs out to 300ft easy, and my rifle was shooting 340fps at that point the way I had it set up. Mind you, I was getting roughly 20ft groupings at that distance, but the rounds were still in the ballpark of where I was aiming and not flying off to the side after 150ft like I've seen before in lots of my tests at higher velocities.

BTW, thanks for the new quote. Testing in zero gravity would be fun actually.

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