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WA is the base of GBBR, like TM is for AEG.

Sure its not much to compare too, but its a 'starting point'. G&P is the same as WA, sure it might have some better material used here and there, but its basically a WA full metal.

Also WA GBBR design is the universally accept design, and thats why 85% of the market is oriented toward it. What fits WA fits AGM and fits G&P (95% of the time).

Some WE stuff is available but its poor compared to the WA GBB market. But the WE design is also new, so give it time.

Edit: Also kull, when people talk about 'how is the WE compared to the WA' they can also meant the GBB system they each use and not just the general built of the GBBR.
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