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Lobbing is such a paintball term, and it's annoying to see it being viewed as "taboo" in airsoft. I use heavy BBs, and I do elevate as anyone should, it's all part of the package of marksmanship. If you view "lobbing", or as normal shooters (real steel, etc.) call it, adjusting for elevation, as bad form, then maybe your sport is best left for laser tag.

You know that a typical 150 grain 0.308 round can drop a whole 26 inches at 300 yards when zero'd at 100 yards? So what if I have to aim two feet above a guy's head in order to plant a 0.36g BB onto his chest past 230ft when using my CA M24. Is all part of what makes airsoft sniping so difficult for most, accepting that there are limitations and adjusting for those limitations. Hop up doesn't make any airsoft gun shoot like a laser beam, and it never will. I'd rather have my gun shooting consistantly low (droppage) and compensate with elevation than use lighter BBs and set my hop up so I get the straightest shot, only to find they go wild after a certain distance based upon air currents it'll find en route. And all year I've had tremendous success shooting those 0.36g Bastards at around 300fps, and have gotten 250ft kills at times because of observing the BB path and adjusting as necessary.

0.36g I will say, is about the heaviest anyone should use for airsoft. I haven't field tested the 0.40g Bastards yet, but knowing how 0.43g Straights have acted in previous years (when my gun was shooting 500fps), AND also the poor performance out of Straight 0.36g BBs................ I'm VERY happy with the way my rifle shoots now.
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