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Thank you to all for the advice.

I held the AUG today and it felt awesome.

Hugged my shoulder perfectly.

If someones gonna make a sexual joke about that, it had better be creative.

Anyways, I realize the AUG is ugly as the shit I'm about to take, but I have been painting for years, and should be able to improve the situation somewhat.

I was thinking tiger stripe. Fairly un-subtle ones, at that.

I'll post pics in a few days.

About age verification, I'm getting on it, no worries.

I haven't gamed in a while since school got crazy, and I JUST got my M1, allowing me to get age verified, as I have been informed (correctly?) that health cards don't cut it anymore.

3 questions:

1) Where do I find a BB bastard dealer?

2) Who sells upgraded internals for the AUG?

3) Do I post pics of the painted AUG here, or in a specific paint thread?


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