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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Aug Pros

Aug Cons
Limited external upgrades, dont get me wrong, there are still a quiet a few addons and accessories out there to give your Aug a little more spice. There are just not as many as there would be for an armalite or an AK.
Limited battery space, from what I understand the spacing for battery storage in the aug is limited, possibly limiting the user to mini batteries only. Now I am not entirely sure on the topic but there maybe a way to house a larger battery but I cannot envision it simply going off my memory right now. If I am wrong on the subject someone please correct me. It looks like it was beat with the ugly stick and then worked over by the jesus-what-the-fuck-is-that stick.

Now although my lists are thin, I believe I have provided you with enough details to make your own decision.

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