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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
So I thought I'd turn here, since you people are in the know about this sort of stuff. I wasn't expecting to be talked down to like I'm a child, and to be insulted just for asking a question that's even in the "Newbie Tank".
I'm sorry some of you didn't get the picture that I'm not asking for help finding a $500 airsoft gun, and I'm sorry that I didn't realize that daring to ask for help for a "clearsoft" or "soft air" gun would be akin to blasphemy around here.
Maybe you should have read the Frequently Asked Questions, as is recommended across the top of the site before you click "sign up".

Next, maybe you should have believed us when you were told that airsoft in Canada is retarded expensive. Another thing that could have been solved with reading the FAQs.

Lastly, maybe you should have actually read and absored what the very first 4 replies to your question said, instead of insisting that we don't actually have a fucking clue what we're talking about and that we're elitists snobs because we don't play with shit airsoft guns that ours can quite literally shoot holes through.

Airsoft isn't cheap. Crappy Tire/Wal-mart guns are not airsoft.

Now, if you actually do want good, more "badass" airsoft guns, you've come to the right place. But like you've been told literally a dozen times in this thread -an actually airsoft gun, especially an M14- is going to cost you a fuckton more than your $120 budget. Once you get that through your head, we can move on to the part where we may actually direct you on how to aquire said gun(s).

If you don't like that, maybe you should try your luck on the fisher price forums.

Maybe this will illustrate my point better:

-n00b "Hey guys, I just picked up a Cessna 150 and was playing around with it.. but then I discovered you guys I want something a little more powerful. I was thinking a CF-18. My budget is about $200,000"
-Us: "Sorry dude, a CF-18 is going to cost you $30 Million."
-n00b: "Well.. I just want one to play around with.. nothing fancy."
-us: "Sorry dude, a CF-18 is going to cost you $30 million. You might be able to get an old, surplus F-16 for $15 million. Not an F-18, but still pretty good."
-n00b: "Man you guys are all elitists assholes."

And yea... comparing our airsoft guns to walmart clearsoft is really like comparing an F-18 to a Cessna.

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