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It's simple, I saw a soft air pistol in a Canadian Tire once, bought, and had a lot of fun. I then became interested in getting something a little more badass, so I took my search online. I then came across virtually no sites that would ship to Canada, and the ones that did usually only sold (what I thought was) insanely expensive stuff.

I then found what looked perfect for me, at a Canadian site, only to discover they no longer sell it.

So I thought I'd turn here, since you people are in the know about this sort of stuff. I wasn't expecting to be talked down to like I'm a child, and to be insulted just for asking a question that's even in the "Newbie Tank". I'm sorry some of you didn't get the picture that I'm not asking for help finding a $500 airsoft gun, and I'm sorry that I didn't realize that daring to ask for help for a "clearsoft" or "soft air" gun would be akin to blasphemy around here.

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