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Amos and many others that have replied to you so far have probably hit the nail square on the head bud. A lot of people are coming off as 'harsh' or 'Elitist' because we've had to repeat ourselves hundreds and hundreds of times over and over because of people much like you.

At this point, you have two choices

A) Suck it up, buttercup. And take it in the ass like a man.

Airsoft in canada isn't exactly fair compared to the US or other parts in the world. Everything comes with a high pricetag and a lot of expectations. Of course, you can get stuff relitively cheap...

But thats leading you into a whole lot of trouble. Lower the cost, the shittier the quality. You get what you pay for, why not make it count?

This is also a good point in time to absorb what people here are telling you, people here have been playing airsoft since it pretty much started and have a lot of things to pass down to the newer generations. Take their knowledge for granted.

Also, get a job.

B) Continue to take it up the ass until you throw a shitfit and get banned, or simply leave.

Hate to be blunt, but thats pretty much the routine for a lot of new people on this site, this being the most common route. Take CanadianM4 or whatever his name is for example...

He got all pouty lipped because things weren't fair. Threatened to leave countless times (Lol, We're still waiting... Oh wait, he made another account to pose as another and got banned.) and kept on acting like he was the shit while we were trying to convince him what the facts simply are.

It really comes down to whether the person will admit they're wrong and learn.

So, its your choice.

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