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Originally Posted by Goldman View Post
For a M16A4 you would need to find a 20'' Front Kit, G&P makes a nice one, and a full stock. The stock may prove problematic as I'm told the AGM lowers have proprietary threading on the buffer tube, meaning most aftermarket tubes will not mount to the lower, preventing you from using current stock options.
hey look on the bright side atleast you can make a C& design..G&P is really weird on me,
6 months ago I sent two request of stuff they should make include:
Elcan C79
WA C7A2 recevier
Correct TA31 scope sights (they're using the ACOG sights not the TA31 type)

Only elcan was mentioned twice, few weeks ago they decide to show a read production of a Elcan (does not have marker nor the flat spot on left side normally for trade, better than elken I guess)

So keep an eye out spam G&P mail box maybe some day they'll do a full GBBR C7 kit
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